Life's Rear View Mirror

Psalm 51

Nothing is as devastating as the realization of “my” failure.  When one has a deep, honest realization of personal failure, the devastation penetrates and humiliates.  There is no excuse, no hiding.  Only grief pursues the person.  Only confession exists.

In the adultery with Bathsheba and the murder of Uriah, David ignored what he did until Nathan confronted him.  When his mindset was on justifying his actions, he was consumed with making wrong right.  When he realized what he did, guilt consumed him.  If anything good came from such evil, it would be a tribute to God’s mercy, not David’s goodness.

David pled for God’s mercy, not a justification of his sinfulness.  He knew what he was and always had been—a sinner!  There was no justification for what he had done.  His worst offense—he shamed God who had done so much for him!  Note that David saw beyond the adultery, beyond the murder!  Note also David saw himself for who he was, and God for who He was!

Forgiveness lay with God’s mercy—not with David’s worthiness!  His rebellion against God destroyed his purification and his joy, and left no doubt about his guilt.  If God did not reject him, it would be 100% God and 0% David.  If anything good happened to David, it would be God’s mercy, not David’s worthiness!

Sacrifices were inadequate!  This appeal for mercy took a broken David.  Sacrifices never meant anything unless they were preceded with the correct spirit! David did not attempt to hide sin through worship!

Do you realize worship is never an attempt to hide what we are?

February 07, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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