The Contrast

Psalm 36

At times when good is described ONLY in terms of what it is, it seems unimpressive.  However, when good is seen in contrast to evil, good becomes astounding.  Many times a good person is not appreciated until he/she is seen in contrast to evil people.  Often until we consider what a good person is NOT are we impressed with what the good person IS.

So it is with God!  We do not begin to grasp the impressiveness of Godís goodness until we compare Godís goodness with evilís badness.  Unfortunately, humans are more familiar with human evil than we are with divine goodness.  We readily identify with human evil, but we question Godís goodness.

Sin seeks to destroy sensitivity to God by whisperingónot shouting.  Sin blinds the evil to their wickedness.  They never realize their deceitfulness or foolishness.  They are so obsessed with wicked plots that they never attempt to turn away from evil.  They are willingly, naturally destructive.

In contrast, Godís love, faithfulness, righteousness, and justice are beyond measurement.  In thoughtfulness He cares for His entire creation.  He is the fountain of life, and the light of sight!

Give unending love to those who choose to be Yours, and unending failure to those who oppose You.  Make it obvious victory belongs to You alone!

Belonging to God in this world is notó(never has been)óEASY!  Evil never ceases to express itself in this world.  Though rarely noticed in this world, evil fiercely competes in human existence with God. 

If people ONLY considered general human conduct, humans would create the impression that wickedness is stronger than righteousness. Never!

January 2, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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