God, Respond to My Sincere Devotion to You

Psalm 28

Human existence is complex, and has been for thousands of years.  When we say that we wish we lived in a simpler age, rarely is that what we mean.  We would like to take the conveniences of “now” into the context of “then” and exist with our advantages and “creature comforts.”  It is always true that advantages contain responsibilities.  Collectively, those responsibilities are ALWAYS challenging!

David did not see the answer to his problems as some form of material escape, but in the form of relationship with God.  That relationship would not eliminate the undesirable elements of existence, of danger, of destroying evil people, or of destroying conflict.  It would provide him a trustworthy direction.

“David, describe this trustworthy direction.”  He would say this direction would provide him with an unending relationship with the Lord who rules.  It was a relationship that would provide intimacy with God’s presence.  It would enable him to rise above the strife that surrounded him.

He heard the divine invitation, but he also realized his unworthiness.  Even with his sincere devotion, he knew his unworthiness.  He feared a deserved rejection.  His cry arose as a plea for mercy, not from a sense of deservedness.

Though he feared a deserved rejection, he expressed confidence in the Lord.  He was confident that God’s help would come while he lived.  The key to God’s help was human patience.

God was not a puppet to be manipulated by his demands.  God was to receive patient dependence.  Faith was not demonstrated by seeking to control God’s actions, but by patient dependence on God’s ability.

November 18, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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