What Is The Answer?

Psalms 9 & 10

At times things are confusing for those who trust in God.  To such people, answers are unquestionable.  Who controls the future?  God!  Who controls the present?  God!  Who prevails over all situations—no matter how bad things get?  God!  Who destroys all evil?  God!  Who champions the righteous?  God!  Who will be “the last one standing?”  God!  Who prevails over the thoughts and actions of evil people?  God!  The righteous prevail through God’s acts!

Then how do the “this world realities” explain the physical triumphs of wicked people and the injustices that cause suffering for righteous people?  People still seek to deal with that question!  It is the first question righteous people ask when tragedy causes indiscriminate suffering.  Such suffering always includes the righteous!

Psalm 9 extolled God’s actions.  Psalm 10 asked, “God, where are You?  How can You allow these things to happen?”  Evil did not (and does not) stop afflicting righteous people!

Imagine David’s plight as he fled Saul.  True, Saul never caught David.  Also true, Saul never stopped trying to capture David. David never stopped fleeing or feeling in danger as he hid.  Always having “to be on alert” obviously did not make David feel secure.

Psalm 10 asked the question that never stopped occurring.  Why were the righteous so miserable?  (Americans do not begin to identify with David’s discomfort!  Even though many Americans endure injustices, they do not begin to experience the injustices encountered by many people now.)

Though the righteous were helpless, the psalmist knew God would address their situation.  Do you share his confidence?  Must God act on your terms in your way?

October 23, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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