Psalm 26

There is a powerful difference between attitudes of boastfulness and attitudes of honesty.  One attempts to hide and the other confesses allegiance.  The difference is between deception and openness.  We sense when a person seeks to distort our vision.   God knows what we are “up to!”  Boasting typically focuses you on me.  Honesty genuinely declares allegiance to God.

David wanted God to see his innocence because of his integrity and trust.  He was not afraid for God to examine his motivations and inner being.  His reasons for his actions begin and ended with an awareness of God’s love and truthfulness.

His devotion to God produced two characteristics: (1) a personal rejection of liars and hypocrites, and (2) a shunning of the gatherings of those devoted to evil acts or wicked lifestyles. Instead, he purified himself to come as close to God as possible—being in God’s presence was his pleasure!

His plea: never confuse him with those devoted to evil!  The evil were defiled by their ungodly schemes and love of bribes. He was not like that!  He sought redemption and mercy!  He stood on the solid ground of open praise of God!

David had a remarkable awareness of the motives of many around him.  When a person is successful (by material standards), his/her success attracts people who are not dedicated to “my” values or to godly purposes.  In matters of material success, people in every generation have learned how to “go through the motions” without dedication to the objectives.

What is your objective: to “go through the motions” or to embrace God’s values?

October 9, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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