God You Are Beyond Adequate!

Psalm 23

Any commentary on this popular psalm is intimidating!

Note these things.  (1) God was the leader; He was the shepherd.  He did not make His choices after consulting with the sheep.  (2) He guided as a shepherd guided.  Following Him was a mixture of a trusting knowledge and the recognition that “I” need His leadership. 

(3) He was “my” provider.  He provided “me” green meadows to eat in, a safe place to rest, and a safe place to drink.  (4) Because of Him, “I” renewed “my” strength.  Following Him was opportunity, not abuse. 

(5) When “I” must relocate to a new pasture, He leads “me.”  He chose the right path to take.  “My” willingness to follow Him resulted in His honor. 

(6)  No matter how daunting the transfer to a new pasture was, “I” was not afraid.  “I” was confident in His ability to care for “me.”  (7) He was prepared to protect and comfort.  “I” knew He would care for “me” in every circumstance. 

(8) “I” ate without concern as “my” enemies watched.  “I” had enemies, but they could not terrify “me.”   “My” prepared shepherd protected “me.” 

(9) “My” shepherd cared for “my” wounds and needs.  “I” lived in abundance. 

(10) This care was a lifetime arrangement.  It was an arrangement between “me” and “my” God.

Consider this.  (1) It was a protection arrangement based on need.  The enemies were there, but the shepherd was closer.  (2) Remaining in the protection zone depended on “me.”  (3) Safety depended on trusting the shepherd. 

He led, and “I” followed.  “My” well-being depended on the shepherd’s ability.

September 23, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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