God Is A Tribute to Life

Psalm 16

Faith is the answer to the unknown. For everyone there is a place where the knowable ends and faith begins. Faith in God does not depend on the inconsistencies of other divine views. It depends on a knowable God who can be trusted to be consistently caring when followers face realities exceeding physical experience.

In Psalm 16, David affirmed such confidence. He belonged to the good God dedicated to his best interests. His God was not a User who exploits but a Helper who blesses. He values people dedicated to holiness, not people who follow “user” gods dedicated to exploitation. His God brought out his best. In a world filled with “user” gods, Israel’s God was different. Israelites should exist confident that their God was dedicated to a believer’s best interests.

Israel’s God was a God who supported those who trusted Him. He was the source of a good future. He was the key to a life worth living.

The result: God is the key to life. The person who trusted God would endure in life. This person would not be abandoned by God—never! He or she would never consider this dependent relationship wasteful!

This realization brought a sense of internal joy that made a secure life possible. There was no need to exist in the physical fear of death or decay—such things could not separate a person from the God who cared! He is the Guide to a life filled with an enduring joy. Serving God and joyful physical existence are compatible!

This God deserves the praise of people who belong exclusively to Him!

September 12, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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