The Key to Success

Psalm 20

To the superstitious, the key to success may be an “omen,” a rabbit’s foot, or a four leaf clover.  To the business person, the key to success may be “cornering a market,” “seeing where the times” are headed, or “seizing” an initiative.  To a gifted observer, the key to success may be the ability to discern “the age,” discerning “the tastes” of the prominent generation, or discerning the next popular “fad.”  To the godly, the key to success is God’s blessing.

A basic difference in the four is this: The first three depend on “my” perception.  The last depends on “my” continuing relationship.

To have the God of Jerusalem protect, help, remember, and make us successful brought joy to those in David’s Jerusalem.  That God cared for those who belong to Him should be a source of joy.  The victory banner should praise God, not the human achievers.

God rescued His king.  The rescued king boasted in God, not himself.  While other nations boasted in their weaponry, Jerusalem’s king found his strength in God.  The difference between victory and failure was relationship with God (before battles), not weaponry.

A key (one key, not the entire key ring with all its keys to godliness) to spiritual success is found in “the focus of our lives.”  Some choose not to be spiritually successful in life.  To them, faith in God disagrees with their values.  To them, God’s acts are no aid to their objectives.

To others, God’s favor is the key to meaningful existence.  King David wanted others to see what he saw.

What do you see?  How often?

David Chadwell
August 11, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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