In Awe of God

Psalm 21

Some people see their own significance.  Their world is about them.  Many are dependent on them.  Those who are dependent would be lost without them—even if the dependents do not realize their dependency.  “Nothing” is as important as “I am” to those who “depend on me.”  The more “I” am praised, the more they “depend” on me.  It is easy to “see” our importance!

Kings commonly made this mistake.  The adoration of subjects filled them with a sense of importance!  Many mistakes have been made because a king exaggerated his importance!

King David saw God as the source of his blessings.  Everything (from success to prosperity) was God’s gift.  His preservation, his victories, and his endurance were from God. 

What he did were actually God’s achievements.  God was in control, not the king.  God opposed and destroyed. He removed the descendants of evil Kings, He was superior to evil plots and schemes, and He caused the mismatched attackers to flee.

God had power unavailable to David’s enemies.  Victory was reason for Israel to celebrate God!

When 9/11 brought the USA to its knees as a nation, there was unity in humility for a few days.  Never before scenes unfolded as there was worship and political unity that had been unknown for generations.  However things returned to the “usual” as the situation was accessed and the responses were determined.  As national control returned, public dependence on God diminished.

This psalm declared a continuing, undeniable link between King David’s success and God’s interaction with his ancient Israelite kingdom.

What is the relationship between your blessings and God’s activity?

David Chadwell
July 30, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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