The Power of Wonder

Psalm 19

The experience of being filled with wonder is marvelous!  Recognition of our limitations commonly produces our best.  Feeling superior commonly encourages our worst.  The key is not knowledge, but attitude. 

When knowledge produces feelings of superiority over others, it becomes a curse.  When it produces respect and caring, it is the fountain of compassion.  The limits of human knowledge produce the frontiers of human compassion.

The key is not what we know, but how we feel about our knowledge.  Remember, ignorance can also produce arrogance!

When David viewed the night sky, he was filled with wonder.  He felt his smallness—not a bad experience!  That immediately led to thoughts of other expressions from God.  The marvel of the sky led to the marvels of God’s teachings.  Remember, David was reflecting on the ten commands and Jewish law—not Christian ethics.

The objective of God’s instructions was not to diminish the person, but to encourage his/her best attributes.  God’s guidance would result in people achieving their best potential. 

What an insight!  God does not seek human restriction, but a dedication to the beneficial.

Revelation: We often do not know what is best for “me!”  What we often think is best for “me” is destructive!  Human innocence is not found in human desires!

We do a poor job of identifying and recognizing evil!  Our declaration of evil is often determined by desires, not the effect of fulfilling desires.  Most of us do an undesirable job of knowing our real self!

Genuine magnification of God produces our best self!  What blesses you by making you feel and accept your smallness?

David Chadwell
July 29, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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