Love Grows

For two centuries the quality that most irreligious people (and too many religious people) considered a “sign of weakness” was the ultimate value of Christian strength and commitment.  To non-Christians, love is often the symbol of weakness to be exploited.  To committed Christians who understand Jesus, love is the value of sacrificial courage.

If a person dares to love, he/she quickly learns loving requires incredible strength and sacrifice.  It involves “unreal” unselfishness and kindness.   He/she notes the commitment to be filled with love  could become a commitment to the “impossible.”  As a result the person decides that “I will love this much”  or “I will love until . . .” Thus the Christian establishes “reasonable” thresholds between “the rooms of life” that determine where love can and cannot go.

An amazing thing happens!  Walls disappear, thresholds are moved, and—eventually—the “rooms of life” vanish!  Love occupies life, not just a room in one’s life.  As love occupies life, unselfishness expands and kindness defies confinement.  Who the person is definitely is not who the person was.

Why? Love grows until it consumes. Love is much more than one of many good values.  Unless rejected or restricted, love actually defines the person in every relationship and determines what the person does and does not do.

Why?  The more a person loves the more he/she grows in awareness of how much God loves him/her.  Exposure to that great love constantly challenges the person’s commitment to express love.  Read 1 John 4:7-21 and especially note verse 10.  Also read the gospel of John 14:34, 35.

Do we have the courage to let love grow?

David Chadwell
May15, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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