Turning Loose

Frequently, we hear about leaders who face enormous challenges as they confront the necessary demands of “stepping down.”  It may be a political leader who had rather kill his people than leave his position, or a CEO who would rather see the company fail than exist without him or her, or a foreman who had rather make his companions miserable than personally “vanish,” or a church leader who is sure the congregation cannot do without him, or a parent that must continue to “control” a 20-year-old “child.”  To be sure, the person is fully confident, “I am indispensible.”

Why is this situation so common?  Why would few ask, “What is he talking about?”  Why would many quickly say, ”I have been there and seen that personally!”

First, it is a common transition.  Second, it is a hard transition.  Third, the changing world makes much of our information obsolete.  Fourth, often “stepping down” means abandoning a major investment of one’s personal life.  Fifth, “stepping down” is often immediately followed by a necessary change in lifestyle.  Sixth, “stepping down” demands you alter the way you “see” yourself.

We do not wish to be a part of the transition, nor do we want anything we know to become obsolete, nor do we wish to abandon our investment or lifestyle.

Question: How do we “see” ourselves?  Are we more than what we know, or experience, or do, or achieve, or have?  Do we have to be important in other’s eyes to be important in our eyes?  Is importance in God’s eyes determined by how we look at ourselves?  THE question: Who are we?

David Chadwell
April 30, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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