Keeping Promises

This is a simplistic observation about a complex matter.  The observation has more to do with Christian character than Christian rules.  It is “who we are” as reflected by “what we do.”

A little over fifty years ago, I promised Joyce (my wife) that I would be her husband for life.  Many times now I look back over those years.  I marvel that a couple of 21 year olds made such a serious, far-reaching promise.   Neither of us had an inkling of where choices would take us or what keeping the promises would involve!

Well over fifty years ago I made an even more serious promise to God.  When I made that promise I did not even know whom I would marry let alone what I would do or where I would go.  The promise: I would belong to God in all situations.

It has taken a lot of patience on the part of Joyce and God to allow me to keep my promises.  As I grew, both relationships grew.  As I learned, the relationships continued to grow.  Maturity made both relationships richer and richer.

Promises are frequently challenged, but challenges increase their worth.  Blessings are produced by promise keeping, not promise breaking.

I could keep my promises because Joyce and God were quite serious about their promises.  It was their serious commitment to their promises that added strength to my promises.  If they did not keep their promises, my promises would have grown weaker and weaker.

The blessings of belonging to a promise-keeper are enormous!  God trusts us—and He knows us!  Are we determined to be trustworthy?  Keep your promises!

David Chadwell
Nov. 28, 2011  *  Fort Smith, AR

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