A Love That Surpasses Our Greatest Hate

Most of our unreserved love is given to the loveable.  For most of us, we reach the fringe area of our love zone if we express love for someone who has neutral feelings toward us.  To show kindness to someone who has no feeling or commitment to us is for many a stretch.  To show love to someone who actually resents us, who wishes us harm, is considered ridiculous by most.  To show love to someone who despises us and seeks to cause us pain is unthinkable.

2 Corinthians 5:18-21 declared something about God that defies comprehension!  God allowed the only human to EVER do His will completely to become the thing He despised the most.  Why?  He loved us!   That person who did Godís will completely also was His son!

God allowed Jesus to be sin in so that God could provide us the opportunity to be reconciled to Him. God did that in spite of all the ways we offended (and continue to offend) Him!  God made sin of the only truly perfect person in order that we sinners might be righteous in Christ.

It was much more than Jesus dying for our sins (which he did!).  He died as a sinner!  He experienced what it felt like to be separated from God as he died!  He experienced what it felt like to be despised by God because he was covered with what was most offensive to God!

That is how much God loves us!  That is the price of our reconciliation to God!  How do we show God our gratitude?  How much do we love God because we understand the privilege of reconciliation?

Fort Smith, AR
October 17, 2011


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