Having Faith When It Is Too Late To Believe

God established His identity with incredible miracles in the ten plagues.  He rescued Israel and dealt the Egyptian army a severe blow at the Red Sea.  In the wilderness their clothes did not wear out, they were given a law code, they were fed and provided water, they were given leadership, they were taught how to worship God, they were told how to treat each other, enemies were defeated, and they were brought to Canaan’s border--the land God promised.

Twelve spies were sent from their tribal leadership.  All twelve returned saying the land was all that God promised.  However, ten said Israel COULD NOT conquer Canaan because the people were too big and the cities were too well fortified. 

Israel cried in despair.  They wished they had died in Egypt or the wilderness.   The women and children would be slaves again if they fought.  They wanted to return to Egypt.

Moses and Aaron begged them to trust God.  Joshua and Caleb—the other two spies—said God was stronger than the Canaanites.  Had God not intervened, the Israelites would have killed all four men.  Had Moses not pled, God would have destroyed the unfaithful Israelites.

A disgusted God declared the consequences of this faithlessness.  Suddenly the unfaithful trusted God.  Despite Moses’ warning, early the next morning Israel attacked—only to suffer an enormous defeat.  It was too late for trust or repentance.

In all human-to-human relationships there is a “too late.” So is it in the human-divine relationship. The time will come when it is too late to trust God.  There is a time to trust and a time too late to trust.

Fort Smith, AR
October 3, 2011


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