As another year begins, we cannot see what it will bring. Good! We would not like all that we saw. Like every year, next year will be a mixture of good and bad, wonderful and awful, joy and tears.

Is the question, "Will I experience some of the bad?" or, "How will I endure when the bad occurs?" Is it, "Will I encounter some of the awful?" or, "How will I survive the awful?" Is it, "Will I have some grief?" or, "When grief occurs, will it consume me?"

What is the probability of a close family member facing a life-threatening illness? Of a crisis occurring in your marriage? Of your child breaking your heart? Of your job ceasing to exist? Of your needing to move or change careers? Of someone that you love dying?

What is the probability if (when?) one of these happens that God can guide, strengthen, comfort, and support you powerfully? That He can work in you more powerfully than in any past year? He can! But, if He does, God does not need to change. We do ... in the ways that permit Him to work powerfully within us. We must advance our knowledge and mature our concepts.

Suggestion: advance your knowledge and mature your concepts by attending a Sunday morning class in the series: "Year 2000: Spiritual Success Or Spiritual Distress?"

"What is the probability that God will work powerfully in my life?" Significantly increase that probability by doing this. (1) Increase your knowledge of God's accomplishments in Christ. (2) Understand how you come closer to God through Christ. (3) Mature your concepts of God and Christ. (4) Strengthen your bond with those who are in Christ.

What is the probability that you faithfully will attend a class?

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 19 December 1999

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