THE YEAR 2000:

This Sunday morning, January 2, we will begin our new adult classes. The teachers, classrooms, and age groups information is posted at the Visitors' Center in the foyer. The first quarter we will focus on Jesus as God's servant. The objective: build an in-depth understanding of Jesus, God's servant. That understanding is the foundation of your faith, your commitment, your service, and the role you assume in your relationship with God.

The next three quarters will focus on us as sons and daughters of God. If we improve our understanding of our older brother, Jesus, we can understand better the meaning of service, surrender, and stewardship. We want God to mature us. We want to change.

How serious is this study? Buster Herren is conducting a resource session each week for the teachers. Your teachers come each Sunday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. to think with Buster. They are studying, praying, and preparing. They want the class to be an invaluable spiritual asset to you. They want desire to bring you to class each week.

Serious commitment is being made to this study. The elders, staff, and teachers ask you to make a serious commitment to this study. Be a student. Think, study, pray.

Pray every week that God will guide your mind and heart as you learn.
Read and think about the texts prior to attending class.
Prepare the week's lesson prior to attending.
Commit yourself and your family to being in the classroom before time for the study to begin.

Christianity was never intended to be a religion. A religion is an "add on" in life. It fills a compartment marked "spiritual necessity." In the ranking of important matters, a religion appears near the bottom of the list. It is important at weddings, hospitals, funeral homes, and cemeteries. A religion exists to address moments that we do not control. It is perfunctorily saluted as a "symbol of authority." It is not about life's substance.

Christianity is a life. It touches and orients every aspect of life in every detail. God designed it to be a life. Jesus served and died to make it a life-giving existence. When we reduce that life to a religion, it is our creation, not God's.

These classes are about life. Come learn more about the abundant life.

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 2 January 2000

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