What makes a good decision "good"? Or, what makes a bad decision "bad"? Is it just a matter of blessings and consequences? Is a decision "good" because it produces opportunity or benefits? Is a decision "bad" because it produces undesirable consequences?

You look back and declare, "The decision I made five years ago was a good decision!" Did you see it as a "good" decision when you examined your options? Was it obviously "my best option" when you selected it? Did it feel like a "good" decision when you made it? Immediately after you made it, did you "know" it was a "good" decision? Was it a "good" decision only because, in time, it produced beneficial results? If no benefits occurred, did it become a "bad" decision? Is it only results that make your decisions "good" or "bad"?

God decided to send His son to this world, and people rejected and killed him. "Good" or "bad" decision? Jesus decided to yield to God's will and died a horrible death. "Good" or "bad" decision? Several early Christians placed their faith and trust in Jesus Christ knowing their decision would produce physical suffering or death. "Good" or "bad" decision?

All decisions cannot be grouped together in a single classification. "Good" and "bad" business decisions are distinctly different from "good" and "bad" family decisions. Many areas of decision distinguish "good" from "bad" decisions on different bases: medical decisions, parenting decisions, moral decisions, retirement decisions, decisions in purchasing a home, etc. In each of these areas, the primary focus differs. The primary focus of a "good" medical decision is not on finances. The primary focus of a "good" business decision is on finances.

Some types of decision are based primarily on facts. Some are based primarily on money. Some are based primarily on needs. Some are based primarily on concepts.

This is my opinion. The area of decision that most frequently produces "bad" decisions is the area of spiritual decisions. Often people who make "good" factual decisions, or "good" money decisions, or "good" decisions concerning physical needs may make "bad" spiritual decisions. Why? They understand their facts, or their figures, or physical needs, but they do not understand essential spiritual concepts. Many "bad" spiritual decisions are the product of flawed concepts.

Spiritually, we want to advance and mature your concepts in the year 2000. If you advance and mature spiritual concepts, you must grow in knowledge and understanding. The adult classes beginning in January are designed to advance and mature your spiritual concepts.

I challenge you to make good spiritual decisions that can produce a beneficial spiritual life. Decide to be a part of Sunday morning's year 2000 adult classes. Decide to advance and mature your concepts. That is a "good" decision!

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 12 December 1999

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