Years ago in another country my family and I were invited to a meal with several other families. The dining area in the hostess' home was small. She and her husband were quite gracious to invite so many people. We all knew each other and did not mind crowding around the table. It was a time of joy and good will. It was also a rare, special moment.

The meal was spaghetti. I love spaghetti. I thought spaghetti was eaten "American style" everywhere. The hostess served me first. She presented me with a small bowl of sauce. I assumed a large pot of sauce was simmering on the stove. So I used the sauce generously. After generously serving myself, I learned that was all the sauce.

Was I ever sorry and embarrassed! Even now I still feel the feelings of that moment. Oh, how I wish I had known that was all the sauce! I assumed. I did not know. As I ate my spaghetti with lots of sauce while others ate their spaghetti with hardly any sauce, I was ashamed and embarrassed. I also embarrassed the hostess.

People always have valued the blessings of knowledge. This fact is and always has been true: knowledge powerfully influences behavior. Knowledge does not create the judgment, wisdom, or integrity of a mature, useful, fulfilling life. Knowledge provides the foundation for the judgment, wisdom, and integrity of a mature, useful, fulfilling life.

Knowledge is the foundation of morality, but Christian morality requires more than knowledge. It is the foundation of godly ethics, but becoming a godly person requires more than knowledge. It is the foundation of godly relationships, but building godly relationships requires more than knowledge. However, step one toward godly morality, ethics, and relationships is acquiring reliable knowledge. The person converted to Christ is committed to acquiring knowledge and increasing understanding.

The material in the adult Sunday morning classes for the year 2000 is devoted to changing you as a person. It will provide the type of knowledge that can be the foundation for transforming your life into the image of Jesus. There are two simple goals. Goal one: encourage more adults to attend the classes as serious Bible students. Goal two: help mature converted adults as godly men and women.

The theme: Year 2000: Spiritual Success or Distress? First quarter focus: God's Son Was a Servant. Adult quarter one begins the first Sunday in January.

In judgment God will look at you as a person and a life. May you not need to say, "I'm sorry! I didn't know!" Increase the meaning and fulfillment of your life by making the year 2000 a year of spiritual growth!

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 5 December 1999

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