"Burnout" is a devastating experience. It occurs when a person feels totally depleted, "used up." He or she has nothing left to give. He or she is beyond regenerating energy, recharging motivation, and renewing commitment.

A factor that significantly contributes to each incident of "burnout" is ingratitude. People who serve zealously with sacrificial hearts and selfless efforts are refreshed and strengthened by sincere appreciation. God's family should never allow a single child of God to suffer "burnout." This congregation must be a fountain of gratitude. We must refresh all servants in its flowing waters of appreciation.

We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the building committee. They were given a specific job to do for us, and they did it well. Please create an opportunity to express your appreciation. To each member of that committee, thank you for your hours of work in meeting with groups within the congregation and meeting with the architect. Thank you for taking to heart the many suggestions, for considering present needs, and for considering future effectiveness. To Ron Lenderman (chairman), James Anderson, Sandy Berger, Gary Brown, Richard Broyles, David Dickey, Barbara Herren, Jim Pratt, and Jane Smith, thanks!

Please begin praying in behalf of Gary Brown, Jerry Canfield, Tom Porter, Paul Shirley, Jay Trotter, Bill Walker, and Jim Wilson. Last Sunday evening you selected these men to serve as the congregation's screening committee. In the Sunday morning worship assembly, the elders will give this committee their charge. In the immediate future, they will receive your nominations for additional elders.

Pray for God to guide their thoughts as the Spirit works in their hearts when they interview the nominees. Pray that their efforts will result in a sense of togetherness and unity that takes us to new levels of service and fellowship.

Pray for God's guidance as you consider men to nominate as potential shepherds of God's flock at West-Ark. Pray that God will guide you in understanding of the kind of qualified men we need to lead us to God's green pastures and still waters.

And let no one who serves among us suffer "burnout" because we did not notice their service and failed to express gratitude!

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 26 April 1998

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