Jesus told the apostles that the sacrifices they made to follow him would result in a hundred times as many houses, brothers, sisters, mothers, children, and farms now, and eternal life in the age to come (Mark 10:29, 30).

Joyce and I left Fort Smith to return to Oxford, Mississippi, early Monday morning, August 18. We were to close on our Oxford house early Wednesday, the 20th, and return to Fort Smith.

That closing was delayed until 5 p.m. By 3 p.m. Joyce was extremely sick. After closing, Joyce was too sick to travel. Thursday morning she was admitted to the hospital. Friday she had gall bladder surgery. The infection kept her hospitalized until late Monday morning.

We were so blessed! We stayed in the home of close friends. The hospital was familiar to us. She did many years of volunteer work there. We knew many people on staff. Many, many friends saw to our every need as they provided constant support.

Joyce has been sick about a year. Her variation in symptoms made diagnosis difficult. The amount of infection indicated that this had been her problem for a long time. We were so grateful to finally determine the problem and care for it.

When we look back at the lengthy process of the sell and closing, we now understand that it was not a mere frustration. It was a blessing. We were blessed with homes and family that far exceeded our need. We were blessed by being a part of God's great family as a grave need was addressed in a wonderful way.

Wives, Joyce advises you to get sick away from home while visiting friends. Your husband has no office or home to go to. He has nothing to do but take care of you.

I thanked God that we were privileged to know two great groups of Christians who are so generous with their love, concern, and caring. It was a wonderful time of love and sharing with our friends in Oxford. It is wonderful to be home in Fort Smith.

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 31 August 1997

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