Thank you for helping elevate our level of praise on Sunday mornings! Our God created us physically and spiritually. Each of us, by our choices and decisions, allowed evil to destroy us spiritually. Faith in Jesus and the choice to redirect life (repentance) moved us to participate in Jesus' death and resurrection (baptism). God's grace expressed through Jesus' blood created us again. Our forgiven sins are destroyed, and forgiveness is a continuing, daily reality in our lives. While we are not given a license to sin, we never exhaust God's forgiveness. It is absolutely impossible for us to be perfect, but it is absolutely possible for us to be committed to faith and service.

Every week our reasons for praising God exceed our awareness. That is true if it is a week of life's finest experiences or a week of life's worst experiences. Regardless of the nature of our experiences, God's unconditional love remains a constant, never ending reality in our lives.

The quality of our singing has improved significantly the past two weeks. The improvement is far more than volume and harmony--it is equally heart and spirit.

As we worship, sing with all your heart as you reflect on your blessings. Meditate with your whole mind and spirit as we consider Jesus and our forgiveness in communion. Let your prayers rise with sincerity. Show your gratitude for your blessings as we give. As we study, let your understanding grow and your commitment gain resolve.

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 21 September 1997

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