Operation Encouragement should be at full speed! Did you remember to write your note of encouragement to someone this week? It is not too late! Make your day--and someone else's!

This week's operation encouragement suggestion: write a note to the elders that specifically names something you genuinely appreciate about this congregation. Could you send your note to the church's address so that all of the elders could read it? It will be wonderful for our elders to receive a few hundred such notes this week! Without hesitation, we tell them what disturbs us. Have you ever told them what you appreciate? This week is the perfect opportunity!

Sam Roberts was recently asked, "Where are we going as a congregation?" An excellent question that is deserving of a carefully considered, well thought out answer. My "off-the-cuff" response for the immediate future focused on three goals: meaningfully development in spirituality and Christ-likeness as a congregation; developing our community outreach in ways that keep pace with and support our missions outreach; providing this congregation with the tools (facilities) that will enable us to advance fellowship and nurturing among our members. For me, all of this is in addition to (not in replacement of) the wonderful things already happening at West-Ark.

I so appreciate the job our greeters are doing! They are here early (they beat me to the building!). I don't think anyone can enter the main building without receiving several genuine welcomes. Last Sunday Bob and Sharon Faries were among the greeters. Bob said, "Greeting is a wonderful job! It makes you aware of all the great people we have here." He told me how much he and Sharon enjoyed it, and how much fun it was. He observed that you cannot see and talk to that many people unless you are a greeter, and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience. To all of you greeters, thanks! You make a difference!

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 10 August 1997

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