November 18

Text: Matthew 28:11

Now while they were on their way, behold, some of the guard came into the city and reported to the chief priests all that had happened.  (NASB)

Two small groups left the same place.  Each group saw the same things.  Each small group had been witnesses to an event that would be the foundation of the largest world religion thousands of years later.  Both groups believed in the same God.  Both groups had the same basic religious background.  Both groups were en route to deliver a message.  Each group had the same basic message—a crucified man had been resurrected by supernatural means. 

One group was composed of men.  They were some of the guard that watched over Jesus’ tomb to make certain that Jesus’ body was not stolen.  Though they were witnesses of an astounding event, what they saw was not good news either to them or to chief priests to whom they reported.  To them, the situation could not be worse.  Jesus had risen, and they could do nothing to prevent it.

Note that Matthew said that they reported to the chief priests, not to Pilate.  Though the chief priests were in charge of God’s temple, nothing indicates they discussed, “Could we be wrong about Jesus’ identity?  Did we make a mistake?  Is the God that we worship truly at work?”  The heart of the discussion would center on damage control.  Their position was not a mistake.  Jesus was the mistake.

The other group was composed of “nobody” women who were socially insignificant with access to no one in power of anything.  To them, the facts were the foundation of joy. What they would report in joy and hope was far bigger than their imaginations.  Though they would report to intimidated men hiding in terror, what they reported would transform these men into the basis of a fearless world movement. All this would begin in less than two months.  It was not these men’s position that was transformed, but their understanding and conviction.  They saw Jesus’ Lordship and God’s kingdom through different eyes—the eyes of Jesus and God, the Father.

Suggestion for reflection: Through what eyes do you see the world and life?  (Read 1 John 1 [10 verses].)

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