March 12

Text: Matthew 9:23-26

And when Jesus came into the official's house, and saw the flute-players, and the crowd in noisy disorder, he began to say, "Depart; for the girl has not died, but is asleep." And they began laughing at Him. But when the crowd had been put out, He entered and took her by the hand; and the girl arose.  And this news went out into all that land. (NASB)

The first graduate of the Bible school died in the early morning.  His wife begged me to immediately transport his body home to a pitch dark, sleeping village.  Upon arrival, she cried one brief sentence into the darkness.  Immediately, pandemonium broke loose, and the station wagon was surrounded with people who could not be seen.

A synagogue official whose daughter had just died asked Jesus to come to his house and resurrect her.  Jesus went.  When he, those following him, and the father arrived, the professional mourners were already at the house making music and noise.  The scene was likely one of chaos and commotion.  With no embalming and quick burials, deaths often produced scenes of frustration and raw emotion.

Jesus began dispersing the crowd.  (Wonder how those who summoned the mourners felt about that act?)  He declared the girl was asleep, not dead.  People laughed at Jesus.  The crowd knew dead, and they knew sleep.  The girl was dead.

When the crowd left the house, Jesus resurrected the girlóno fanfare, no mysterious ceremony, no mass witnesses, no promotion of self.  He just did it.

Why?  Why did he do this?  Was it compassion for a grieving father who lost a child?  Was it an opportunity to demonstrate his power?  Was it a response to the fatherís faith?  Was it to make a statement to new disciples?  It does not say.

We love having answers for everything!  We commonly figure, ďThere must be a reason!Ē  Godís acts surpass our insights!  God does things for His reasons.  At times He acts simply because He cares.

Suggestion for reflection: Do you see Godís concern?  Where?  (Read Hosea 11:1-8.)

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