January 26

Text: Matthew 5:8

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” (NASB)

“I just cannot see that!”  That statement does not mean the person cannot see.  It means the person does not understand.  The statement has nothing to do with the ability to visually form a physical image, but it declares the person does not perceive the reality conveyed to him/her.

The statement in Matthew 5:8 is not speaking of the ability to form some type of image of God now or after the judgment.  It is the ability to perceive God’s presence.  We live in a “show me” world that often puts enormous emphasis on being able to see an image.  For example, some often react to a tragedy by saying, “Where was God when this happened?”  The implication is the tragedy could not have happened if God was actually present.  If the person cannot “see” God’s presence, God was not there.

A certain human condition is necessary to detect God’s presence in a rebellious world filled with people attuned to evil.  The greater the internal purity of the person, the more the person will perceive the presence of God.  The presence and work of the pure God is “seen” by the person devoted to purity.

That is both a blessing and a curse to the Christian who wishes to evangelize.  He/she knows there is more to being a Christian than external obedience.  He/she is able to perceive God working when evil seems to be the dominant force (if God could not work in evil’s presence, there would be no place in this world for God to work).  Thus, he/she “sees” God’s presence when people given to evil “see” nothing.  It is challenging for the one who “sees” to get the one who does not “see” to “look.”

Suggestion for reflection: Increase your ability to perceive the presence and work of God by increasing your internal purity.  Righteousness is dedicated to purity.  (Read Psalm 24:1-6.)

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