January 23

Text: Matthew 5:5

"Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth. (NASB)

Depending on the English translation used, “Blessed are the gentle . . .” may be translated, “Blessed are the meek . . .”   The Greek word translated gentle or meek was also used in reference to training horses.  In training horses, the trainer does not wish to destroy the horse’s spirit, but to bring the horse under control.  If the spirit of the horse is destroyed, the horse has no “drive”—the horse’s desire to use its power and strength to try in demanding situations is destroyed when its spirit is destroyed.

However, if the horse’s strength and power cannot be controlled, all that strength and power are useless to people.  Thus a useful horse needs to retain its spirit, but be under the control of the one using the horse.  Though the horse may generate great power, its power is useful to others only if the power can be controlled.

Genuine Christians often have the image of being timid or lacking in courage because they are meek or gentle.  God does not seek to destroy the drive and determination of those who belong to Him.  All God seeks to do is to place our drive under His control.  His values and his character determine who we are and how we act.

God does not wish us to be a people without drive and determination.  He wishes us to place our drive and determination under His guidance and direction.  If we do not, we hurt ourselves—and often do not even know it!

Suggestion for reflection: Be you as you use your ability, but always be under God’s guidance and direction.  (Always know God seeks what is best for you.)  [Read Psalm 37:7-11.]

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