April 22

Text: Matthew 13:45, 46

 "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had, and bought it.” (NASB)

One of our fulfilling experiences is knowing what we want in life and—after effort—obtaining it.  This is not about discovering our investment was not worth the price and effort.  It is the knowledge that our investment was infinitely deserving of the cost and time involved.  Even with aging, even passing the point of making other investments, we know what we did was worth the price and effort.  That is a rare happening—life changes our focus, time changes our values, and the “permanent” becomes temporary.

This parable was quite similar to the previous parable.  It is brief.  It is about the “kingdom of heaven.”  It is about the discovery of great value.  It is about the recognition of value.  It is about great personal sacrifice to obtain something of greater value.

However, there is a striking difference.  The pearl merchant knew what he searched for—he spent his life looking at pearls.  He knew what valuable pearls were.  This parable involved a search, not a stumbling upon.  It involved prolonged, deliberate looking, not an accidental discovery.

In Jesus’ time, pearls were extremely valuable.  Neither artificial pearls nor cultivated pearls existed.  As a verification of the pearl’s value, this merchant lived through trading pearls.  His livelihood involved recognizing value when he saw it!

Prior to the beginning of Christianity, there were people who were quite serious about being righteous and were recognized as righteous.  Consider Zacharias and Elizabeth (Luke 1:5, 6), or Simeon (Luke 2:25), or Joseph (Matthew 1:19).  Even Jesus declared he did not come to call the righteous (Matthew 9:13).

In the parable a person who searched for value recognized great value when he saw it. He sold everything he had to obtain this valuable pearl.  His knew his purchase was worth his sacrifice!

Suggestion for reflection: When do you see the genuine value of godliness?  (Read 1 Timothy 4:6-10.)

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