God's Gift: Jesus
Teacher's Guide
prepared by David W. Chadwell

Teacher's Guide Sheets: this material is designed to be flexible, reflect the interest and study of the teacher, and take on the personality of the class. The following information about the questions is not intended to replace the teacher's focus, study, or ideas. The information is provided only as an aid to your study and thinking. No teacher should routinely, slavishly follow the answers. Make the class alive and relevant with your ideas and study.

The New American Standard Bible is the basis for the questions. Any translation is fine.

Note: Italicized sentences do not appear in the student lessons.

Important Note To Students And Teachers

Lesson 1 Focusing

Lesson 2 Jesus: God's Sin Offering

Lesson 3 Jesus: Our Means for Being Righteous Before God

Lesson 4 Jesus, Our Savior

Lesson 5 Jesus, Our Mediator

Lesson 6 Jesus, Our Intercessor

Lesson 7 Jesus, Our Reconciliation

Lesson 8 Jesus, Our Atonement

Lesson 9 Jesus: God's Payment For Our Mistakes

Lesson 10 Jesus: The Way

Lesson 11 Jesus: The Truth

Lesson 12 Jesus: The Life

Lesson 13 Coming to God

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