Understanding "The Church"
Study Guide
prepared by David W. Chadwell

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Important Note To Students And Teachers

Lesson 1 Do We Need to Understand "The Church"?

Lesson 2 The Greek Word ekklesia and the English Word church

Lesson 3 "The Church" is God's "Called Out" People

Lesson 4 The Institutional Model and The Purpose Model

Lesson 5 "Called Out" to Peace

Lesson 6 "Called Out" to Hope

Lesson 7 "Called Out" to Joy

Lesson 8 The Church as a Dragnet

Lesson 9 The Encouraging Fellowship

Lesson 10 A Basic Mission Focus

Lesson 11 The Body

Lesson 12 Spiritual Food for Thought (1)

Lesson 13 Spiritual Food for Thought (2)

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David Chadwell & West-Ark Church of Christ

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