Learning How To Make Spiritual Decisions

If a person wants to make right decisions, he must accurately understand what is involved in the decision. One has no hope of making a sound decision if he does not know the facts, understand the problem or know his rightful responsibilities. Ignorance of facts, of problems and of responsibilities enslaves one to the weakness of his own opinion and his nearsighted perspective. A Christian cannot make right decisions in living for Christ if he is equipped with little more than his own opinions and limited viewpoint.

For a Christian, courtship involves some of life's most difficult decisions he or she shall ever make. Many of these decisions could easily determine happiness or misery and spiritual success or failure for the person for life. Right decisions in courtship are dependent on understanding clearly what one's spiritual responsibilities are, why one has those responsibilities, and what Christ expects specifically of the person who lives in the love and forgiveness of the Lord.

This section, chapter one through 13, is a thorough study of how a Christian makes responsible spiritual decisions. One is not ready to study the problems of courtship until he fully understands how to make sound spiritual decisions. Study this section carefully to become one who can see and decide the problems of courtship as an understanding Christian who knows the Lord's desires.

Preface Chapter One