Becoming God's Spiritual Person


Years ago (in the southern region of America), two things were assumed in regard to religion.  Assumption one: if a person was religious, the person believed in Jesus Christ.  Assumption two: if a person gave himself or herself to Jesus Christ, he or she was committed to being a spiritual person.

Decades have passed, and now neither assumption is true.  Now there are many religions in which Jesus Christ is an insignificant or non-existent figure.  Now there are many motives for being one who acknowledges Jesus Christ.  Such motives might be divided into religious motivations and nonreligious motivations.  Religious motives might range from accepting the importance of a few, visible habits (like “attending church” once a week) to being devoted as a committed believer in Jesus Christ who wishes to be spiritual in all avenues of life.

In the common, accepted concept of being “religious” in today’s society, this book declares the following concept: It is not enough now to be considered religious by society to be spiritual.  Whereas there was a time when religious and spiritual were synonymous, such is no longer the situation.  Today a person can be religious to keep God out of his or her life.  However, the spiritual person wants God involved in every aspect of life.

How does a person in Christ become spiritual?  What does being spiritual mean?

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