The Living Sacrifice

Study Guide

prepared by David W. Chadwell

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The New American Standard Bible is the basis for the questions.
Any translation is fine. Italicized sentences do not appear in the student lessons.

Important Note To Students And Teachers

Lesson 1 The Context for This Study

Lesson 2 What Shapes Christians?

Lesson 3 Are We Focused?

Lesson 4 Are We Community?

Lesson 5 How Do Christians Treat Enemies [In or Out of the Body]?

Lesson 6 How Were They to Treat the Roman Government?

Lesson 7 Are We Filled With God's Love?

Lesson 8 Why Do Christians Act That Way?

Lesson 9 What About Our Differences in Our Christian Community?

Lesson 10 What Is My Commitment to the Christian Community?

Lesson 11 What Is Our Objective As Christians?

Lesson 12 Is This All We Need to Consider?

Lesson 13 Paul's Personal Goals


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