The Unexpected Journey
Chapter 7

That Is All For Now!

That is all I have to write for now.  I realize major adjustments lie ahead.  Some of them I can see from here—the inability to walk, full retirement, no longer driving, the loss of independence, etc.  I know these major adjustments are coming—things that took virtually no effort when I was 67 now take determined effort.

Continually, I must approach my life with a new mindset.  All my past life I thought in terms of “making things better.”  “Too heavy?  Lose  weight!”  “Too tired?  Look ahead to periods of refreshing!”  “Problems?  Recognize the cause and address it!”

Now there is no “better” to be achieved.  Instead of improving my situation, I must lose to the situation as slowly as possible.  Not expecting to make things better is an entirely new way to approach life for me.

These early chapters are what I anticipate to be Part I.  I fully anticipate I will have opportunity to write additional chapters when (a) I make additional adjustments and (b) I have new experiences to write about. 

So . . . that is all I have to say for now.

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