The Unexpected Journey
Chapter 13

Again, That Is All For Now

Again, I have caught up with myself and my adjustments.  I would like for what I say to be productive in providing insights to those who do not deal with unexpected problems and to be helpful by providing insights to those who endure unexpected problems.  While I am quite willing to share what goes on in my daily life, I have no desire to repeat myself again and again.  What I hope to do is share information as I experience new things.

Right now, things that are “new” experiences to me are not “new” in occurrence.  Instead of the experience being a new event, the “level” of an old event changes.  While that is “new” to me and demands that I ask myself, “What does this mean?” the event is much like what has been happening.  Thus, it may be a remarkable event for me to experience, but a truly unremarkable event to write about.  The “level” might be shocking to experience, but quite difficult to write about because (1) it is not a “new” event, and (2) it is challenging to try to explain in writing.

Almost each day now brings a “new” level of experience that demands yet another adjustment.  I guess much of that could be covered by merely saying, “Assume nothing about tomorrow, but accept the fact that the unexpected can happen easily.”  As I told a close friend recently, I live with the understanding that one of a variety of small muscles could stop working one day, and radically change my daily life and routine.

How I will endure future adjustments, I do not know.  To try to predict reactions to the unexpected is a waste of time.  The best way to prepare for the future is to live well in the now.  Easily said, but challenging to do.  Taking care of today is the most productive way to face the adjustments of tomorrow.

Hopefully, more is to come.  That is my intent.

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