In Memory Of:

Ray Cope

Who believed a 13-year-old boy could preach, and who transported him to small, rural congregations all over Cumberland County, Tennessee, to preach to people who had no one to teach them.



Special thanks is expressed to Dr. C. Philip Slate, Dean of Harding Graduate School of Religion. In spite of an extremely busy schedule, he graciously consented to read this manuscript and evaluate its contents. His insights and recommendations were invaluable. His year of service on the mission field bless him with knowledge and understanding of evangelism, his years of ministry bless him wit a good grasp of the work of edification, and his years of academic training bless him with excellent insights into the Word. His unselfish assistance significantly increased the value of this book.

Deep appreciation is also expressed to Glenda Hendrix, Tommie Waters, and Kay Harmon for the hours of assistance in making technical corrections and proofreading. Without their assistance it would be extremely diff cult to produce written materials.


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