Never Forget There Is Something Greater Than You

Psalm 110

First, remember that this writing is based on the New Living Translation study Bible.  Page A-19 urges readers to use this text as a beginning point and encourages deeper study.

Second, remember the psalmist was looking forward toward the unknown.  There are many things that are common knowledge to today’s Bible students that were unknowns to men like David.  The psalmist looked forward to unknown times.  You look back at ages that have long disappeared.  Never assume the writer’s perspective is your present perspective.

This psalm was quoted several times in New Testament writings.  In that usage there was God, another Lord, and King David.  The New Testament issue to the Jewish people was, “Who was the other Lord?”  The New Testament’s writers affirmed that it was the Messiah (or Christ) Jesus.

The issue for today’s Christian is this: was the psalm addressed to David or the other Lord?  Let’s assume it was written to the other Lord. The points would be:

1.      Your kingdom would begin at Jerusalem and would rule your enemies.

2.      As a warrior, your army will serve you by choice.

3.      You will have distinctive clothes and non-diminishing strength.

4.      You will be a unique, eternal priest—IT WILL HAPPEN!

5.      You always will be protected by God.

6.      You will destroy kings.

7.      God will destroy rulers through you and make you supreme over the earth.

8.      As the victorious one you will be continually refreshed everywhere.

If this is a proper understanding, it is the Christ that now sits at God’s right hand whom God addressed.


April 18, 2017  *  Fort Smith, AR

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