Need to Turn Your Life Around? Look to the Lord! Pt. 1

Psalm 107:1-22

People seem to be impatient about their mistakesí consequences.  Most mistakes are rooted in time and neglect.  Usually a significant event calls attention to the mistake.  Yet, all we see is the horrible fruit.  Rarely do we note the evil roots.  We want a quick turn-around as we ignore the situationís enormity.  Often we think that God is the fault, not the solution.

The psalmist rejoiced in the understanding that God was the solution.  He called for gratitude for Godís enduring love and willing redemption.  Exiles needed to understand God was the source of their hope!

First, he spoke to the displaced who just wandered about.  They had nothing and suffered horribly in their need.  The situation went from bad to worse until they cried to the Lord.  Only when they depended on the Lord did the situation permanently improve.

Second, he spoke to those who had scorned God.  Later they found themselves imprisoned, in dark and gloomy circumstances, and miserably worked.  Their situation seemed hopeless.  Though they scorned God, the time came when they cried to God. 

The result: the impossible happened!  The darkness ended, the gloom was over, the chains were snapped, and the gates were destroyed.  God was praised for the wonderful happenings!

Third, some knowingly, deliberately rebelled against God.  Later their condition was so bad that they were at the point of death.  They cried to God for help, and God saved them.  He healed them and snatched them from death.  Let them praise God and thankfully sacrifice!

God was the solution, not the problem.

April 25, 2016  *  Fort Smith, AR

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