The Protective God is More Than Adequate

Psalms 91

The Israelites had many questions.  Where do we flee in times of threat?  Where can we find safety when we are surrounded by uncertainty?  Where can we find peace when we are attacked by tragedy?  How can the godly live at peace in this chaotic world?

How?  The godly person lived in the restful shelter of the Almighty, Most High God.  God provided refuge and safety.  He rescued those who loved Him and protected those who trusted Him. 

This trustworthy God was like a protective bird.  He covered with His feathers, sheltered with his wings, and protected with His promises.

The disease that stalked at night and the disaster that came by day were not to be feared.  War would not destroy them regardless of the dead and wounded that surrounded them.

This was the key: they were to open their eyes and see the punishment of the wicked.  Evil could never conquer them nor plague could never enter their homes if the Lord was their refuge and shelter.  The Lord had ordered His angels to protect the righteous!  They never had to fear the lion or the poisonous snake—even if they stepped on themI

Those who called on Him would be heard.  He was the source of rescue.  Those who belonged to Him would have a long life that was protected!

Placing trust in God is difficult!  People always wish to “prove” God could and would take care of them.  To trust without first verifying is a serious challenge!

The distance between trusting and “making trial of” is both small and worlds apart.

July 17, 2014  *  Fort Smith, AR

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