Living For God's World In Ours -- The Struggle

Psalm 86

The challenge of living for God in this earthly existence never ends. Devotion to God significantly improves this struggle! Areas in which Satan tempts us diminish as we mature spiritually. The irony: Spiritual development intensifies the realization that we desperately depend on God. Our urgent need for God is overwhelming! It is humbling to see our weaknesses in the light of Godís strength!

Here the psalmist David begged for attention. He needed Godís help! Protection, rescue, happiness, goodness, forgiveness, and enduring love (with their blessings and benefits) came from God. Thus God was the only One on which to call.

No other false deity of any pagan nation came close to Godís praiseworthiness and greatness. Someday pagan nations would realize that truth. God was (is) the only God!

Knowing this only intensified Davidís desire for Godís teachings. God enabled a person to know truth and purity of heart. God gave the ability to praise Him with the intent of glorifying His name. David grasped this truth through his past interaction with God!

Godless people deliberately made David miserable or terrified him. Regardless of godless peopleís actions, God remained unchanged and was true to Himself. David asked for Godís mercy, strength, and rescue. A sign of Godís favor would shame those who hated him as it helped and comforted him.

While Godís past actions were of great comfort to David, his present struggles with godless people and their desires still spiritually challenged him. The problem was not centered in God, but in Davidóand David knew it!

What is the source of your struggle?

January 5, 2014  *  Fort Smith, AR

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