Psalm 78:1-31

Regardless of importance, actual events occur but once.  Events are experienced by participants.  Preceding generations may anticipate.  Past generations may recall.   Only one generation actually experiences. 

Even if forgotten or misrepresented, significant events shape/influence the future.  Forgetting those events produces curses.  Accurately remembering the events produces blessings.  Fortunate are generations that accurately remember!

The psalmist said, “Listen to me and I will share with you something important about our past.  Let me teach you essential lessons.  I cannot exaggerate the importance of what happened long ago.

“Hiding these events from future generations produce horrors and disaster.  If there is not a continuous flow of these events to future generations, the Lord cannot be properly appreciated.  If this remembrance is broken, godlessness will be the present reality for future generations.  Hearts will belong to things besides God!

“Though Joseph saved his people, his son, Ephraim—Israel--miserably failed God.  Instead of leading (as did Joseph), Israel fled, forgot God and His covenant, and forgot God’s miracles.  They forgot the events at the Red Sea, the leadership/protection of the cloud and pillar of fire, and the water from rocks.

“Instead they rebelled by stubbornly testing God and questioning God’s ability to provide them the food they craved.  Though God provided them with more bread and meat than they could eat, they enraged God.  The result: The deaths of Israel’s strongest men.”

They focused on themselves, not on God.  God served them; they were not His servants.  God was to be exploited; He was not to be appreciated.  The result: An incredible opportunity became an incredible curse.

August 31, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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