A Tribute to the Power of the Supreme God

Psalm 68 A

Honoring a deserving person is difficult.  Such honor becomes more difficult as time passes.  The passing of time tends to make tributes a matter of words instead of a matter of appreciation.  It is too simple for deserved tributes to become meaningless praise.  How do we honor people deserving genuine praise when we made past praises empty? 

All gods in all nations were honored in every imaginable way.  How did they honor the superiority of the only living God?

This praise began with a request for God to scatter those who opposed Him. Those gods who opposed Him were compared to unstable smoke or melting wax. 

However God’s superiority caused the godly to rejoice.

Israel’s God valued unlikely people—the fatherless and the widow.  To the lonely He gave families, to the unjustly imprisoned (the Israelites???) He gave freedom, and to those who took advantage of the weak He gave banishment to undesirable places.

The unthinkable occurred when He led His people from Egypt.  “Lord, You led Your people through horrible circumstances to a place of incredible provisions.”

A total reversal occurred.  There was security and valuables for all Israelites—including the nomad and the poor!  Even near-by mountains were envious of Mount Zion—God’s earthly habitat!  When God entered His Jerusalem sanctuary, Israelites were the beneficiary.

May God be praised for His victory and generosity!

Often our present hardships become the profound blessings produced by our past!  The, “Why am I going through this?” later becomes, “I am so glad I had that experience!”  Often the resented becomes the valuable.

April 22, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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