The Complexity of Working With People

Wonder if congregations ever will be without any form of leadership—elders, deacons, preachers, people to lead committees, etc?  “Why ask that question?”  I ask it because it is so hard to work with people.  We are increasingly skeptical, increasingly cynical, increasingly suspicious, increasingly doubtful, increasingly troubled, and increasingly demanding.  “Everyone is motivated by bad objectives.”  “Everyone has selfish reasons for his/her acts.”  “It is right to use rumors to declare faults.”

There are some incredibly good people who routinely make huge sacrifices to benefit God, Christ, and people.  They are quite willing to lead.  They are quite willing to serve by leading.  However,  they have no desire for baseless criticism, for accusations that have no foundation, and for opposition from those they seek to bless.

Have we forgotten?  “What?”  Being Christian does not make everyone alike, but makes those in Christ committed to the rule of godly values.  A Christian does not love another Christian because “he/she is just like me.” 

“No?  Then why the love?”  We love each other because we respect each other—we respect each other because we each love the same Savior who loves both of us.  We love each other because we each are devoted to the same gift from God. 

Easy?  No!  Real?  Yes!  God’s love for us creates our love for each other.  For that reason our respect for each other creates respect for our Savior and our God.  Who wants a God or a Savior that produces conflict among followers?

In heaven will we say, “Humph!” as we move far away, or will we say, “Thank you!”

David Chadwell
April 16, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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