Our Amazing God

There are moments when I am presented with a rare opportunity.  It is not there long. However, I blow the opportunity and waste the moment.  Later, with profound regret, I realize what I did.  I cannot recall the moment with its opportunity.  It is gone forever, and a similar moment and opportunity may never come.  Do I ever know that!

All I can do is remember similar moments that I blew in the past.  Once again, I kick myself for acting so foolishly.  In vivid detail I recall an entire list of such failures (I seem to keep that list handy in anticipation that it will be needed again.).

It is in such moments of self-inflicted humiliation that (fortunately) I am reminded of how incredible God is.  The only person who knows me better than I do (because I can deceive myself) is God.  He knows everything bad I do.  He knows every mistake I have made.  He knows everything I wrongly justified.  He even knows every time I deceived myself (I surely did not deceive Him!). 

With all that knowledge, He still forgives me!  I do not!  I cannot!  All I seem to be able to do is remember and kick myself!  Maybe someday I will let my God teach me how to forgive.  Oh, I tell him I will NEVER do it again.  But I do, and in deep sorrow I repent.  And once again He forgives.  With time I forget, and here we go again.

We cannot stand before God because we are good, but because we are forgiven.  Our amazing God forgives us through Jesus Christ!

David Chadwell
April 2, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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