The Courage to Learn

Learning is peculiar.  Sometimes it is a friend, and sometimes it is an enemy.  Sometimes it is a neutral force to be ignored as harmless.  Then sometimes it is a deadly power that can suddenly destroy you.  Sometimes it is a friend that creates opportunities, and sometimes it is a dreaded responsibility demanding  accountability.  Any brief comments on the power of learning are inadequate—even in a best effort.

Early, most people view learning as good—it is seen by most as opportunity’s passport.  However, time changes life.  Those changes often are demanding.  In this period learning is often seen as a means of dealing with change.  The responsibility of updating demands that we learn new things. 

At some point learning is seen as an attack.  Being opportunity is long past—it has become the enemy that encourages change!  Change threatens everything we cherish!  We look with fondness on the past—solution always seems to be going back to the best of the past!

When this happens learning—if learning occurs—becomes defensive instead of inquiring.  In this circumstance, learning is not about understanding but about allowing one to hold his/her views.

Observation:  learning produces understanding.  The essence of understanding is faith.  Thus learning builds faith, does not destroys faith (unless what we think is based on opinion instead of truth).  Is “my” fear of learning based on personal comfort instead of understanding?

Knowledge for knowledge’s sake is not learning.  Change for change’s sake is not learning.  New for newness’ sake is not learning.  Mindless adaptation does not produce learning—understanding is the result of learning.

If we do not trust God as one who has our best interest at heart, we will not allow Him to teach us how to live.

David Chadwell
Dec. 19, 2011  *  Fort Smith, AR

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