Permanent Good

Recently I heard a commercial several times that speaks of “permanent good.” I wonder how long “permanent good” is? A decade? A life span? Generations? Or a century?

How would you like to do something “permanently” that, at the moment, was good? How would you do it? Are you sure you would like your name permanently attached to anything? Do you know how many objects of praises later are objects of curses?

Have you driven down a dedicated highway and wondered, “Who was that? What did he do?” Have you walked by a building prominently named for someone and wondered, “Who was that? What did she do?” Instantly a memorial becomes a question mark.

Whatever good we do lasts, at best, a lifetime. Hopefully, it touches a younger life. Hopefully, the younger life touches someone with the good you started. Eventually someone asks, “Where did that come from?” The response, “I do not know, but it sure blessed me!” We should be so fortunate as to be the anonymous person who began a good that blesses others. Remembering your name is unimportant when the good you do blesses someone you never knew and who never knew you. God knows who did what!

Here are some permanent things that should cause us all joy:

  1. Forgiveness in Jesus Christ is permanent—God does not withdraw forgiveness.
  2. Reconciliation in Jesus Christ is permanent—God will never withdraw reconciliation through Jesus.
  3. Sanctification in Jesus Christ is permanent—God will never withdraw sanctification through Jesus.

So are hope, mercy, grace, and resurrection permanent. God made them permanent in Jesus Christ. Because of what God did in Jesus’ death and resurrection, God will never say, “Oops! That is not available any more. Sorry!”

If the only one who knows you in judgment is Jesus, that is more than enough. As your mediator, he will introduce you to God. “Thank you, God, for the gift of Jesus! Thank for making what You do through him permanent!” Have you responded to God’s gifts?

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 20 December, 2009


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