What Do You Look For?

Which could you do more easily—complain about everything you do not like, or find blessings in dumpsters? What is a dumpster? It is a container commonly filled with things some people discard. Among those things discarded by some are items that are valuable to others.

There are lots of things to complain about! The world is filled with such things! Most lives have an abundance of such things! There are some people who look at the entire world as a great big dumpster! Nothing is “right”! There are no blessings! Something is wrong with everything! Mention any good thing and the complaining person responds, “That is true, but …”

I hope you have the joy and pleasure of knowing several inspirational people. Chances are if you experience that joy, among those inspirational people is at least one person that you ask, “Why is she (he) so happy?” From all visible circumstances, she (he) has much to complain about. But she (he) does not complain. She (he) sees blessings. She (he) not only sees blessings, but makes blessings visible for others to note.

God waited patiently for thousands of years to send us His son. That son was rejected by those who were supposed to know God. Rejection—what a dumpster! Finally, the son was arrested and condemned on false charges. Injustice—what a dumpster! Then the son was executed. Execution—what a dumpster! Then the son was buried by the pitiful few who were not ashamed of him. Death—what a dumpster!

Then God raised him to life. Resurrection—what a blessing! Through his resurrection, God gave us hope. Hope—what a blessing! Through his execution, God gave us redemption. Redemption—what a blessing! Through injustice, God gave us atonement. Atonement—what a blessing! Through his rejection, God gave us forgiveness. Forgiveness—what a blessing! God’s patience persevered until we could have salvation. Salvation—what a blessing!

Which are you more likely to do—see all that is wrong with everything or see blessings everywhere? God is more likely to produce blessings! His children are more likely to see the blessings He produces!

Since evil became a part of this world’s reality, there always has been more that is wrong than is right. It always is easy to criticize. It takes special vision to see blessings. God has that vision. Let Him teach you how “to see.” You might be amazed to see all the blessings that surround you!


David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 20 October 2005

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