God's Quilt

There was a time when quilt-making focused on survival. These were times when central heating did not exist, insulated houses were the exception and not the common experience, and when people desperately needed something to keep them warm on bitterly cold nights. At that time, quilts were made from any fabric available-feed sacks, worn-out clothes, or scraps of material that were "left over" from other sewing projects. Making and having quilts was quite literally a matter of survival!

Times changed. Houses commonly were well insulated. Central heat became common experience in most homes. Thermostats kept an even, stabilized level of heat on most cold nights. While quilts still "felt good," they were no longer the key to surviving a bitter winter night.

As times changed, quilts went from a means of surviving a cold night to an art form. We have a quilt given to us as a gift from one of my aunts (now deceased) that came from her hobby. She bought and coordinated material to produce specific quilt top patterns. Then she hired someone to quilt the "top" she made. She had no specific purpose for making her quilt tops-she merely enjoyed her hobby. She was not motivated by necessity, but by a good feeling from an art form.

God is a quilt maker. If He had His way, He would make a quilt that would cover every person in the whole world. Under His quilt would be eternal survival. This very special quilt is designed not only to preserve life but to give life. In its life-giving warmth all the covered live in joy, hope, and peace. All who enjoy the life and warmth granted through God's quilt know this quilt is an underserved gift of love.

God's quilt is unique. No other quilt is like it. No other quilt can give what its gives. In the center of its top is a unique piece beyond duplication. We come to God's quilt for the warmth of life. Then we become a part of the quilt sharing warmth and life with others.

The center piece is made from the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. By design, every other piece on that quilt top is connected to Jesus Christ (the connection is obvious!). The ragged and worn make the top. Ruined lives are its theme.

No one is "too far gone" to be in the quilt. Though it is made from the ordinary and worn, it is beautiful! It is both highly functional and incredibly beautiful!

God's quilt is "a work in progress." Time strengthens it rather than decaying it. As long as time continues, God adds pieces. God wants to include your life as a piece in His pattern-if you let Him. Find warmth, life, and acceptance under God's quilt! Serve God as a piece in His quilt!


David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 21 April  2005

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