Life Is Transition

One of the songs sung in my childhood congregation contained the statement, “Time is filled with swift transition.” Many times this past year I was reminded the song is filled with truth! From driver’s license to high school graduation, to college, to marriage, to first full-time work, to beginning a family, to graduate school, to three children, to mission work, to stateside work, to age 64 and counting, my life is change! As people in every generation, I look back wondering how it passed so quickly. As I lived, it did not seem to be flying by—but now it seems to have streaked by.

Let me share with you two things now occurring in my life. Sunday night I talked about the shipment of medical supplies, Bible study aids, and Bibles we plan to send to Eugene Elangwe in Cameroon, West Africa in January, 2005. We have almost $7500 of the needed $10,000 shipping costs. We no longer seek funds for medicines [though much needed, they are too expensive]. C.U.R.E. donated over a ton of medical supplies you boxed for shipment. C.U.R.E. will utilize their network for shipping the supplies. Seven different Wum clinics will use those supplies. We will meet urgent physical needs and present Christians as compassionate people. Some there are suspicious of Christians.

I asked you to look at home and contribute Bible study aids [concordances, Bible dictionaries, reference books, commentaries, etc.], and Bibles [English is one of the basic languages there]. Bible House book store in Searcy, AR is making a significant contribution to that collection. The objective is to supply the preacher training school with some materials and to provide Bibles to congregations. There is plenty of room to ship books regardless of size or weight. Thanks for all your help, time, and generosity!

In the past month, with MUCH technical help from Debbie and Ron Belote, I opened a personal web site []. On that site, free, are bulletin articles, adult Bible class materials with guides for teachers, and sermons [in time this will include sermons from West-Ark, AR and Oxford, MS]. I also hope to have all of my out-of-print books on the site as well as writing for the site. If you know of anyone who can make use of any of these materials, please let them know they are available for use free of charge. Right now I need a few people to scan some out-of-print books to become part of this site. If you have interest, time, and access to a scanner, please let me know.

I hope the site will be useful in numerous ways. It is a mission outreach—people around the world have access to the material. It can supply help to small congregations experiencing difficulty having a regular minister. Hopefully, it will stimulate the thinking of preachers who read the materials. Hopefully, it will stimulate Christian individuals in their personal studies. Hopefully, it will be something God can use in His great and wonderful purposes.

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 9 December 2004

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