In 1972-73 Eugene Elangwe was a teenager in preacher training school in Cameroon, West Africa, where I lived and taught. Now Eugene is almost 50 years old with a family of 7 children. After graduating from the preacher training school, he shared the good news of Christ with his people. Of the five students graduating in his class, only two continue to preach.

He lives in a remote area and owns no motorized transportation. Some congregations are too remote to be visited by car. In a typical month he walks 85 kilometers (51 miles) to visit congregations. The number of places with no congregation who request him to come preach is increasing. This is in addition to 13 existing congregations. He has very few books, supplies, or Bibles to use in his work. Viewed from our circumstances, he has almost nothing to use. There is a dire need for medicines and medical supplies. Eugene has witnessed friends die in situations he knows are unnecessary.

To address growing needs, he began a preacher training school which graduated its first class of 5 in September, 2003. He also directs leadership training for men in established congregations (on a regular basis). He is 203 miles from the nearest American missionary. They are able to visit about once a year. This missionary does not have the supplies to address Eugene's needs. One American preacher goes once every year or two to teach in the preacher training school for three weeks.

For the better part of 5 years, Eugene and I have worked to find a means to supply some of the many needs around him. With the significant help of C.U.R.E., we plan to send a large shipment of medical supplies and Bible study materials (including Bibles) to Wum, Cameroon, in the near future. Dr. Fisher located the lowest possible prices for medicines and medical equipment that C.U.R.E. does not possess. Supplies C.U.R.E. has will be donated. We received the necessary government documents to assure acceptance of this shipment. Now it is a matter of gathering, packing, funding, and shipping the supplies.

How can you help??

  • Give Bibles, Bible dictionaries, Bible study helps.
  • Provide $60,000 to purchase medical supplies and ship all the supplies.

    If you wish to help, contact me or the office (479-452-1240). Checks should be made to the West-Ark Church of Christ marked for the Cameroon supplies. There are many, many good works on-going in this congregation. In no way do I wish to compete with or take funds from these excellent works. I ask you not to divert funds planned to be given to support other works or mission efforts. Do you have questions? Ask me.

    If you can help us help Eugene preach/teach in the Wum area, thanks! Eugene is sharing Jesus with his own people on a daily basis. May we encourage his effectiveness.

    David Chadwell

    West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
    Bulletin Article, 3 October 2004

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